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We believe that physical education and sport play a significant role in the social and academic development of a child.

Activate have worked with experienced teachers and coaches to develop engaging and progressive curriculums that promote a life long interest in sport and physical activity.

“Activate’s inclusive approach to physical education has helped to improve participation and motivation of the students in all age groups” – Ali Hamilton, Newark Schools Partnership

In term - Curriculum Design and Delivery

We have worked with over 80,000 students and 200 schools across the country to meet the curriculum demands and OFSTED regulations required. Our team of senior Educational Advisors provide each of our schools with a specific PE curriculum, this includes:

  1. Cross Curricular Road Maps;
  2. Schemes of works;
  3. Individual lesson plans.

All coaches are specialist in their areas of expertise and work across the national PE curriculum. We also provide access to full lesson plans and schemes of work through our online portal.

Physical Education delivery and Teacher co-mentoring opportunities

Our highly qualified physical activity and sport specialists can work as individual delivery agents within your school or in partnership alongside your own teachers.

Building on the foundation of the Activate online learning portal, our coaches can offer support and a co-mentoring programme for your schoolteachers.

This will extends and develop your school’s learning boundaries within PE and offer a new range of ideas, coaching processes and delivery methods.

Teacher CPD and training courses

As part of our ongoing commitment to sport development, every school involved with our programme will not only receive access to our library of online resources, but also invitations to CPD sessions in locations near to your school, focusing on the development and delivery of innovative and engaging cross curricular PE in your school.

"Activate’s understanding of the PE National Curriculum and OFSTED processes is outstanding and has contributed greatly to our school’s progressive development in the sport." 

Ali Hamilton, Newark Schools Partnership


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