"NCS for me was probably one of the best experiences of my life so far. I met so many great people I never imagined I would meet. NCS really helped boost my confidence, everyone has notice that my confidence is through the roof compared to before the summer."

Molly, Somerset 2016

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"I just wanted to say on behalf of CICCIC and I how grateful and pleased we are for all your hard work on creating an amazing garden for the CICCIC and how impressed we were with your team of young people. Brilliant."

Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton

To sign up for our programme in Bedford visit www.ncseast.co.uk

To sign up for our programme in Somerset visit www.ncswest.co.uk

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Our Programme

Sky Sports Anna Woolhouse visiting our NCS South West programme in 2016 to talk about her life and career in sports journalism and mediaSky Sports Anna Woolhouse visiting our NCS South West programme in 2016 to talk about her life and career in sports journalism and media


A once in a lifetime unique opportunity for 15-17 year olds.

NCS helps build skills for work and life; you’ll be introduced to new challenges, working in a team where you’ll create new friendships.

Our programme operates during the summer and half term for young people in Bedford and Somerset. The programme involves a 10 day stay away from home and then taking part in a team project, devised by you, in your local community!

NCS works in 4 phases:

Activate NCS takes around 15-17 days to complete in the summer holidays!

Sign up now!

For Activate programmes in Bedford visit www.ncseast.co.uk, for Somerset visit www.ncswest.co.uk.



Take part in our multi media award during your time with Activate NCS. During your time with us you will be asked to film and photograph your journey, culminating in a group presentation. Your clip will be edited and marketed in an effort to gain the greatest “hits” “likes” “tweets” and “shares” whilst with Activate NCS. You will be shown how to use social media effectively to market your own product, as well as documenting all the great things you will take part in on NCS with Activate.


The Activate Leaders Awards give young people a first-hand experience of coaching and learning leadership skills through a combination of theory exercises and practical on-course experiences. Leaders will plan and deliver a variety of activity sessions, all with the help of their on-site mentor. It is a fantastic opportunity to improve your CV, University application or record of achievement to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

What happens when I sign up?

You will receive confirmation of your booking in the post, within 7 workings days.

2 months prior to departure you will receive a parent and student guide, which will give you all the information you need about pick up locations and times, what to bring and parent and information evening dates, where you can come and meet our team and ask us any questions you may have.

2017 Dates & Locations

Our venues for 2017 include Hartpury College which will be home to all of our South West groups for their phase 1. It is an outstanding higher and further education centre based near Gloucester with excellent facilities. For more information visit www.hartpury.ac.uk.

Our phase 2 venues for the South West are Brymore Academy near Bridgwater and Taunton School. Both offer excellent facilities, including swimming pools and sports facilities. To find our more information about each venue visit www.brymoreacademy.co.uk and www.tauntonschool.co.uk.

Ampleforth College in Yorkshire is home for our Bedford young people throughout their phase 1. The venue is set in the Yorkshire countryside and is ideally set up for our outward bound activities and has first class sports facilities, such as astro pitches, swimming pool and dance and drama studios.

Our Wave 3 will be staying at Hartpury College for their phase 1. For more information visit www.ampleforth.org.uk/college/. Phase 2 operates out of Oundle School near Peterborough, for more information on Oundle School visit www.oundleschool.org.uk.

Date Day Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
12/07/2017 Wednesday Phase 1    
13/07/2017 Thursday Phase 1    
14/07/2017 Friday Phase 1    
15/07/2017 Saturday Phase 1    
16/07/2017 Sunday Phase 1    
17/07/2017 Monday Phase 1/Phase 2    
18/07/2017 Tuesday Phase 2    
19/07/2017 Wednesday Phase 2    
20/07/2017 Thursday Phase 2    
21/07/2017 Friday Phase 2    
22/07/2017 Saturday Break    
23/07/2017 Sunday Break    
24/07/2017 Monday Phase 3    
25/07/2017 Tuesday Phase 3    
26/07/2017 Wednesday Phase 3 Phase 1  
27/07/2017 Thursday Phase 3 Phase 1  
28/07/2017 Friday Phase 3 Phase 1  
29/07/2017 Saturday   Phase 1  
30/07/2017 Sunday   Phase 1  
31/07/2017 Monday   Phase 1/Phase 2  
01/08/2017 Tuesday   Phase 2  
02/08/2017 Wednesday   Phase 2 Phase 1
03/08/2017 Thursday   Phase 2 Phase 1
04/08/2017 Friday   Phase 2 Phase 1
05/08/2017 Saturday   Break Phase 1
06/08/2017 Sunday   Break Phase 1
07/08/2017 Monday   Phase 3 Phase 1/Phase 2
08/08/2017 Tuesday   Phase 3 Phase 2
09/08/2017 Wednesday   Phase 3 Phase 2
10/08/2017 Thursday   Phase 3 Phase 2
11/08/2017 Friday   Phase 3 Phase 2
12/08/2017 Saturday     Break
13/08/2017 Sunday     Break
14/08/2017 Monday     Phase 3
15/08/2017 Tuesday     Phase 3
16/08/2017 Wednesday     Phase 3
17/08/2017 Thursday     Phase 3
18/08/2017 Friday     Phase 3
19/08/2017 Saturday      
20/08/2017 Sunday      
21/08/2017 Monday      
22/08/2017 Tuesday      
23/08/2017 Wednesday      
24/08/2017 Thursday      
25/08/2017 Friday      
26/08/2017 Saturday      
27/08/2017 Sunday      
28/08/2017 Monday      
29/08/2017 Tuesday      
30/08/2017 Wednesday      
31/08/2017 Thursday      
08/09/2017 Friday Graduation - Bedford
15/09/2017 Friday Graduation - South West

* Will require supplementary dates to be decided on course


Do you want to work with and inspire young people this summer?

NCS is 15 day programme for young people aged 15-17 years taking place over the summer.

You’ll spend 10 of those days with us on a residential programme and 5 days working with young people in their local communities in Bedford or Somerset.

We’re looking for leaders who can fill vacancies in the following positions:

  • Residential Centre Managers
  • Pastoral Care Managers
  • Group Leaders
  • Sport and Activity Coaches
  • Assistant Leaders

For more information or to apply: