Digital risk management solutions for sport, leisure and education

Created by Activate, Proactive is an easy-to-use digital reporting system providing simple reporting of incidents, hazards, and checks essential for the safe management and delivery of activities in sport, leisure and education.

Software development for Proactive Reporting started in 2018 as a result of needing to solve a serious problem for our holiday activity camp division, Activate Camps and youth engagement division, Activate NCS.

The issue of inconsistent and old style paper based reporting was leading to an increased risk to participants and staff which we felt was unacceptable, and from that Proactive was born.

Proactive has developed into a versatile reporting app with organisational dashboards that allow quick and easy reporting of risk management issues such as incidents, hazards, and pre-session risks affecting everyday sport, leisure and educational operations & activities.

Proactive Reporting was created to help improve the day to day operations of all levels and sizes of organisation from single operator to national governing body in the UK and abroad.

We’re regularly called upon by major insurance brokers, governing bodies, or smaller organisations to help with risk management programmes or the introduction of new and innovative risk management solutions.

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The Story So Far…


2018 (Innovation)

The idea of Proactive comes out of staff feedback highlighting the need to improve reporting of accidents, hazards, and venue faults. We couldn’t find the answer to all of these needs in any available software, so we thought…let’s do it ourselves!


January 2019 (Market exploration)

Proactive attends the United Soccer Coaches Conference in Philadelphia at the invite of our friends LA Galaxy OC. Having sorted their risk management policies and procedures for them, LAGOC immediately saw the potential of Proactive to help improve their own risk management operations so we attended the conference to fact find about the look and feel of Proactive and explore the US Market.

July 2019 (Insurance partnership)

Proactive joins forces with one of the largest sports insurance brokers in the UK – Howdens. Our new partnership allows us to get in front of multiple NGB’s as Howden recognise the importance of better reporting and record keeping. This valuable partnership is ongoing and we’re now into our fourth year supporting Howdens clients.

July - September 2019 and onwards (Proactive in action)

Proactive has its first full summer of use by over 500 staff for Activate NCS and Activate Camps.


January 2020 – (Covid strikes)

Whilst we’re all forced into a period of downtime due to the Global Pandemic, we’re busy thinking of how we best support sport when it finally gets back to play.

July 2020 (Proactive consultancy)

Proactive risk management consultancy services contribute to the safe re-opening of the Nile Wilson Gymnastics Centre in Rotherham. One of only a handful of facilities allowed to re-open due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.

July - September 2020 (‘Return to Play’ rescue)

Sport is allowed to tentatively return but with strict controls in place – We’re ready! and the Covid-19 checker is released to clubs. Designed to help screen participants prior to their return to play, quickly the tool is picked up by over 500 sports organisations.

July 2020 - December 2021 (NGB Endorsements)

Proactive is endorsed for use in the ‘Return to Play’ protocols by The RFU, England Basketball, and British Judo. Proactive is used over 1 million times by over 500 sports clubs


January 2021 (Award Recognition)

Proactive is nominated and then named as a finalist at the IIRSM Global Risk Management Awards.

May 2021 (RugbySafe Bespoke Development)

Proactive joins forces with The RFU RugbySafe team to produce a bespoke rugby version of Proactive – With bespoke question sets and direct links to England Rugby resources we’re able to offer clubs the first all in one risk management solution.

July 2021 - (UK Coaching & Proactive)

Proactive produces the new PAR-Q module, giving personal trainers and sports clubs the ability to digitally complete pre-activity readiness questionnaires. Offered free of charge through the UK Coaching insurance scheme, Proactive is introduced to a new market of over 500 PT’s and small gyms.


January 2022 (Award Winners)

Proactive gains a second nomination for the IIRSM Risk Excellence awards – this time we received a ‘Highly Commended’ award in our technology category.

July 2022 - May 2023 (Concussion Innovation)

Proactive develops the new ‘Concussion module’ in partnership with The RFU RugbySafe team – designed to change the way concussions are managed in grassroots sport. The new concussion protocol makes the tracking of participants easier in their return to play following a concussion.


March 2023 (Award Recognition)

Third time lucky? Proactive is nominated as a finalist for the third year running at the IIRSM Risk Management Awards. Proactive wins IIRSM Technology Management Initiative of the Year! The judges recognised Proactive’s concussion module impact.

June 2023 (Long term commitment)

Proactive is named within the Howden Insurance agreement with The RFU to provide Proactive to rugby clubs across England until at least 2026.