‘Looking beyond the classroom and helping you plan your future’

Running at Oundle School 29th July-2nd August


An in-depth understanding of the sport industry and the career opportunities within them. Learning from industry leaders with off site visits and daily onsite group tasks.

Delivered as part of the NCS (National Citizen Service) away from home ‘Boss It’ experience. Career Learning NCS is a full-funded programme to help young people find their voice, discover career opportunities and gain the skills needed to succeed.

Sports Industry

Operating out of Oundle School we offer an in-depth understanding of the sports industry; how it works and the career pathways within it.

You will learn about the following professions over a week long residential: Psychology, Sports Law, Coaching, Strength and Conditioning Nutrition and Media in Sport.

Have a look at our detailed NCS brochure

A guide to the Sports Industry course

A brief overview of what sports psychology is; the basic concepts and benefits of psychology including mental resilience, visualization, confidence, anxiety and goal setting.

Learn what a day-to-day schedule looks like and the education path to enter the profession.

Working in groups young people will learn about the three main macronutrients along with the importance of hydration and portions. Students will understand the varied dietary needs for different athletes. Examples include a tennis player vs endurance runner vs rugby player.

Practical Activity: Design and Cook Your Own Sports Meal – Students will design their own balanced meal for an athlete of their choice

Learn all about Sports Law from an industry expert!

An overview of Grassroots Coaching and its importance in developing younger minds.

Practical Activity: Collaborate and come up with a practice plan. You can choose from different sports; football, cricket or rugby for example. Participants will then deliver a session to other students on the course.

A workshop delivered by our guest speaker on the role of media in sport with a focus on presenting and commentary.

NCS is government funded which means its FREE to 15-18 year-olds, as well as those with SEN/EHCP up to the age of 24.

It includes:

• Transport from selected travel hubs.
• All meals.
• Accommodation for four nights.
• All pastoral care.
• All off-site trips.



Hosted at Oundle School, Activate Career Learning gives students the perfect opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the sport, music, media and film industries and the career paths within them.

We help students make informed choices on further education courses, give them the opportunity to network with industry leaders, and let them sample independent living ahead of attending of attending University.

With practical workshops, visits off site to industry and the opportunity to network, Activate Career Learning provides insightful work experience to help with UCAS applications.

Our residential course is staffed by a male and female pastoral care team who take care of all the needs of each student during the course and we cater for all dietary requirements.


Choosing your career can be daunting. How are you supposed to know what you want to do as a teenager; most of your parents still don’t know what they want to do now! You are now getting close to thinking what you want to do beyond school, perhaps you’re looking at a further education course, an apprenticeship, an intern position or maybe all of these.

This is where Career Learning comes in. We’ve chosen two programmes next year to give you an indepth understanding of career opportunities in the Sports Industry and the Music, Media and Film industries.

You’ll learn not just through lectures but via practical workshops and tasks, with off site visits to the workplace. You’ll be learning about different jobs, the education courses needed, whilst getting some valuable work experience and networking opportunities. It’ll also look great on your CV and UCAS application.

In addition to having access to a gym and swimming pool each morning and evening, you’ll be cooking some of your meals during the week, and when you’re not, you’ll have a full hot and cold buffet to choose from at each meal time.